If you’re a Realtor like us, you get asked this question ALL. THE. TIME. Here’s how we recommend answering.

Option 1: Nurturing a Lead

“It depends! It’s a different ballgame based on area and price point. What sector are you interested in?” (Get them talking) “I actually had some clients close [in X price point or X area] recently and [tell their success story or struggles, show off your expertise]. The average days on market right now are [X] and with interest rates sitting around [X], buyers and sellers can expect [xyz].

Notes: The key here is to get them talking to gauge where they’re at in their buying or selling journey and showcase your knowledge of the market. With this example, all you need to know is A. a recent story to give an example, B. the average days on market, and C. current rates. Another bonus would be to touch on inventory! You likely already know these facts, so you’re always armed with basic information to sound impressive!

Option 2: Small Talk with an Unlikely Lead

Notes: This example is best used with people who you know are an unlikely lead (for example, an aunt who has been in her home for 20+ years and has no interest in moving). This is similar to the example above, but you don’t need to get them talking as much. You can simply wow them with your knowledge, ask for a referral and move onto the next topic of small talk.

“It’s been really [fun, difficult, competitive] to navigate with my clients. [Insert data on rates, average days on market, inventory to showcase expertise]. Actually, the other day, I had some clients who [tell story to build credibility]. I know you’re pretty set where you are, but if you know anyone wanting to buy or sell, I’d be happy to guide them through this [crazy, easy] market!”