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meet Brandon & Mckenzie

Meet real life class attendees, Brandon and Mackenzie. These newlyweds were ready to start familiarizing with the home-buying process, hoping that they could afford a home in the coming years. After attending class in August, they quickly realized that they were more qualified than expected and had a newfound drive to start building wealth. They saw one house on a whim the day before heading out on their honeymoon and knew it was the one. Thanks to their local expert Teacher, they were able to secure the house before taking off to Europe. By mid-September they were officially first-time homeowners. But the story doesn’t stop here.

Three years later, they were in need of more space to accommodate their baby boy’s arrival. Without making any substantial updates or additions to the house, they profited over $150,000 from their home sale, which they were able to leverage into their next down payment. This is just one of the hundreds of stories of how attending this class has changed lives and empowered people to start building wealth through real estate.

“The class was a perfect way to introduce us to the housing process. It was just enough information to not be overwhelming.”

Samantha C. & Michael B. – Bellingham, WA

Amy Schols

“Buying my first home in my early twenties, I never planned to pay the mortgage payment all by myself. I immediately recruited two good friends to move in and pay my mortgage for me. House hacking was a win-win-win; I was able to build equity while paying minimal bills and spending those precious years with the absolute best roommates. After a couple years, I saved enough to purchase my first rental property, a duplex which doubles as a long term rental and Airbnb. All the while, my primary home appreciated by six figures just by sitting as-is in a growing neighborhood. Owning real estate projected me to a mindset of security and opportunity at a young age and now I recommend house hacking to anyone and everyone who will listen.”

“This class was extremely helpful and informative. The teachers are easy to learn from and follow. Home ownership is one of the best decisions we could ever make!”

– Lacey H. – Nashville, TN

“I have started listening to your podcast over the last 2 weeks because my husband and I suddenly need to bite the bullet and buy our first home. I just want to start of by saying how much your podcast has eased my nerves in this whole process. I stumbled upon it and I am so happy I did. I hope to be able to attend one of the classes in my area soon.”

– Jessica R. – San Diego, CA

Jessica Randolph

“As a realtor I’ve helped hundreds of people take the plunge into buying their first house. You’d think having this much knowledge and experience that I would have no fear when it came to buying my own first house. But when it came time to put my own hard earned savings on the line, I still had a lot of fear for the future. Once my husband and I got married we knew we needed to stop renting and buy a house and we wanted to make the wisest decision possible. If only I could have taken a class like this (at that time)! Looking back now, I’m so glad we bought when we did and wish we would have bought even earlier. That first purchase truly helped us build our real estate portfolio. Not only has our wealth snowballed from that first home, but it also birthed the idea of this class because I wanted to help other folks generate wealth for themselves too.”

“The Teachers are super professional and make a really overwhelming process seem simple and accessible! I would definitely recommend you attend this class if you are thinking about buying a house!”

– Kara S. – Nashville, TN

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